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Ditch task-coverers; enlist a dependable partner handling every aspect for your success. Unleash your mobile app's potential with our comprehensive audit service.

What app do you have?

Native app
This type of app is developed exclusively for a specific platform, leveraging the full capabilities of the device it is designed for.
Web apps
These are websites controlled by a browser, often resembling native programs in both appearance and functionality.
Hybrid apps
These apps blend features from both native and web apps. They can be installed on a device and also accessed through a web browser.

What does a mobile app audit include?

Security testing for mobile applications
Definition of insecure encryption
Mobile app operating system hardening
Apps static // dynamic analysis
Identifying sources of data leakage.
Migration audit

When is an application audit necessary?

Falling metrics
Lack of desired conversions and a high bounce rate may cast doubt on your idea. Our experts can explore new, successful strategies to enhance your app.
Everyone encounters bugs, but the effectiveness of their identification and resolution matters. We'll scrutinize every button during the audit.
Higher potential profit
It's disheartening to see products conceal their unicorn potential due to the absence of regular audits and growth plans.

How do we audit apps?

We develop a tailored checklist for mobile application audits.
Launching your app locally or remotely
Mobile app architecture analysis
Code quality review
App’s performance check
Defining and setting testing tools
Optimizing the user experience with UI/UXdesigner, marketing specialist, and SEO
Providing App Store optimization
Analyzing competitors
Testing business logic
Report containing all findings and methods to repair